Reservation and Confirmation

The availability of maxi cabs significantly impacts your booking. For immediate confirmation, contact us directly.

Prompt notifications for online pre-bookings will include reservation details and estimated pickup times.

Additional Passengers, Luggage, and Pickups

Passenger count and luggage details must be provided beforehand. Changes should be made at least two hours before departure and may incur additional charges.

Fixed-price reservations might have extra fees for extra pickups or drop-offs.

Festival Reservations

Special occasions like Christmas and New Year’s Day may have added fees.

Choosing the Right Vehicle

Choose your vehicle wisely to avoid delays. We’re not responsible for delays due to vehicle selection.


Our services are currently free but we may introduce fees in the future. Temporary $1.00 charge to verify your payment method may apply.

Charges for driver services will be billed to you. Ensure timely payments with a valid credit card.

Charges include metered fare, tolls, and extras. A 5% service fee applies in select regions.

Third-party payment processors may be used, subject to their terms.

Payment Methods

Cash payments to drivers are accepted. PayPal, credit, and debit cards are also options.

Airport Pickups and Delays

Specify flight details for airport transfers. Passengers cover airport tolls.

We monitor flights and adjust bookings for delays. Waiting fees may apply.

No Show Charges

No show fees apply if passengers miss pickups without notice.

Contact us if you can’t find the driver to avoid no-show fees.

Refunds and Deductions

No refunds for fully paid online reservations. Deductions follow card security in case of non-payment.


Notify us of cancellations or changes 3 hours before to avoid deposit retention or cancellation fees.

Refunds apply for:

– 12-hour notice cancellations.

– Less than 12-hour notice.

– Incorrect booking details.

– Passenger no-show.

Toll Charges

Tolls may be added to quoted prices.

Waiting Time Surcharge

Driver discretion may incur a $1.50 per minute waiting charge.

Credit Card Payment Surcharge

Debit/credit payments may have a 4.4% surcharge.”